Hangover Remedy
  • Universal Truth: A hangover can feel like the universe’s curse for having a good time. You drink water to feel better but despite your best efforts at hydrating yourself,  a nagging headache and nausea remain to haunt you for the day. Well, not anymore!

  • Features: Hangover remedy brings about a feeling of calm. Full-spectrum hemp extract (i.e. With high CBD content) helps alleviate nausea and promote deep restful sleep (which is so important for recovering after a night out).

  • Benefits: This MCT oil-based tincture can be used when you need to feel a bit more grounded or create a healthy nap ritual for days when you need a nap to recuperate. Refreshing like a nap in nature, this remedy’s grounding scent brings nature indoors and leaves you with a better,  clearer perspective.

  • Usage: This herbal extract promotes peaceful relaxation, and helps to reduce stress, frustration, and nausea.

  • Aromatherapy Addition: This easily absorbable liquid fully engages your senses of taste and smell, helping the body recognize and use all the herbs within the remedy to their full healing effect.



Hangover Remedy

  • The health benefits of full-spectrum hemp go beyond it being a source of CBD. The array of cannabinoids and other natural constituents found in full-spectrum hemp oil have been shown in studies to work together in what’s referred to as the “entourage effect.” Together, these compounds work harmoniously to magnify their therapeutic properties. The complex mix of cannabinoids, essential nutrients, protein, and healthy fats work synergistically to encourage homeostasis and balance in our health.

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