Relieve The Pain

Organic products & easy techniques for pain relief.

Pain and stress have similar effects on the body: your heart rate and blood pressure rise, breathing becomes rapid and shallow, your muscles tighten. Relaxation exercises can calm your mind, reduce stress hormones in your blood, relax your muscles, and elevate your overall sense of well-being. Using these techniques regularly can lead to long-term changes in your body that counteract the harmful effects of stress. Try this: 1. Breathe deeply, so that your abdomen expands and contracts like a balloon with each breath. 2. Inhale to a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale to a count of four. 3. Hold to a count of four. Repeat for ten cycles. Doing this exercise together with using  MyEasyLife.Us Celestial Tincture will enhance its effectiveness, making it easier for you to achieve fast and lasting results.

Therapeutic massage can be used to treat a range of conditions, the most common of which is low back pain, followed by neck and shoulder pain. Therapeutic massage changes soft-tissue structure to improve function and circulation, which can lead to significant long-term benefits.  Chronic pain can occur in any part of the body and can increase stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression. A therapeutic massage aims to disturb the pain cycle to reduce and relieve any pain and prevent it from recurring. Combine MyEasyLife.Us salves with therapeutic massage techniques to help the skin absorb the full spectrum of cannabinoids and be on a path to healing itself.

When using a topical product be sure to first wash the area with soap and water to remove any excess dirt or oil buildup.  This will ensure that there are no barriers between the ointment and your skin, creating the best environment for absorption and self-healing.