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Transform Your Skin and Soothe Your Aches with Nature's Touch—experience the Miracle of Synergy-Gold and Synergy-Silver Today!

The Synergy Healing Salve is a premium choice for alleviating muscle and joint discomfort, specifically crafted for sensitive skin. It's designed to aid in recovery and rejuvenation, offering a natural pathway to wellness for those dedicated to a holistic lifestyle. This salve embodies a commitment to nurturing the body's natural healing processes, providing gentle yet effective support for achieving a balanced state of well-being.

Who Are We

Introducing our distinguished Synergy collection, featuring two uniquely formulated products: Synergy Gold and Synergy Silver. Each salve is crafted with precision and purpose, designed to meet your specific wellness needs. Synergy Gold, infused with the luxurious benefits of monoatomic gold, offers an opulent approach to skincare and relaxation. On the other hand, Synergy Silver incorporates the purifying essence of monoatomic (colloidal) silver, presenting a serene solution for those seeking gentle yet effective relief. Together, these products form a comprehensive suite of options, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your holistic wellness journey. Whether you gravitate towards the radiant elegance of gold or the calming clarity of silver, the Synergy collection ensures a tailored experience to support your path to well-being.

Soothing Relief: The salve is designed to soothe muscle and arthritis discomforts, aiding with discomforts related to aging and providing relief.

Supportive Healing: Infused with  CBD, CBG, and BCP, the salve aims to help with severe skin conditions and support natural skin repair processes without harsh reactions.

Skin Rejuvenation: With the addition of gold nanoparticles, the salve seeks to enhance skin appearance by supporting the natural regeneration of skin cells, maintaining skin hydration, and promoting skin firmness and elasticity, revitalizing skin for a more youthful look.

Natural and Nourishing: Enriched with Shea butter and MCT oil, the product focuses on deep moisturization and effectively absorbing the active ingredients. This benefit highlights the salve's capacity to nourish the skin deeply.

Compatibility with All Skin Types: Formulated to be gentle and non-invasive, SynergyAuNP Salve is presented as suitable for people with various skin sensitivities, emphasizing its all-natural approach to skin care.

Holistic Wellness Approach: It is ideal for individuals seeking a natural method to support their skin and muscle comfort and for professionals in wellness industries needing high-quality products to augment their services.


Integration into Daily Self-Care and Professional Use: The salve is recommended for those who incorporate natural wellness practices into their daily routines and wellness professionals like acupuncturists and massage therapists looking for a potent, natural agent in their practice.

Synergy-Gold and Synergy-Silver combine the soothing effects of CBD and CBG for discomfort relief, support healing, and skin repair with a blend of CBD, CBG, and BCP, help to rejuvenate the skin with gold nanoparticles (Synergy-Gold) and support natural healing with silver nanoparticles (Synergy Silver). Enriched with Shea butter and MCT oil for deep moisturization, it suits all skin types and promotes holistic wellness. Ideal for integrating into daily self-care routines and professional wellness practices, it's a premium choice for natural well-being.


Discover the Science Behind Synergy

To underscore the scientific foundation and efficacy of the components used in our products, we invite you to explore a selection of published research. These studies provide compelling evidence of the benefits and innovative applications of our key ingredients:

CBD (Cannabidiol) for topical care.



Read published research articles related to the benefits of CBG (Cannabigerol) for topical care.



Read published research articles related to the benefits of BCP (Beat-Careophelyn) for topical care.



Read published research articles related to the benefits of AuNPs (BGold nanoparticles) for topical care.


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